All-In Insurance

All of your chips are in the middle of the table. You’ve got pocket Aces. You’re ahead – way ahead.

But you’ve another Ace up your sleeve, in case things don’t go as planned and you’re outdrawn.

Get paid – no matter what

Thanks to our unique All-In Insurance, you will get paid even if Lady Luck leaves you. Your hand, strong when the chips went in, is protected against bad beats once insurance is selected.

Opt for All-In Insurance

You get compensated if you take a bad beat

When you’re all-in with a 67% or greater chance of winning, All-In Insurance can be accepted. A prompt appears over the table showing both the cost of the insurance and the amount you’ll receive if you are outdrawn, and you’ll have 10 seconds to accept or decline. If you accept, you are guaranteed a set amount of compensation if you lose the pot.

All-In Insurance takes the sting out of bad beats. Why not save yourself some heartache and try it out next time you’re all-in with the better cards?