Featured Tables

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Our Featured Table is now open for business for both the highest stake in Hold’em and Omaha. Take a seat and challenge others seeking glory in the biggest game in town.

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Our Featured Table attracts attention from players of all levels across Tiltking Poker. With the swings and thrills coming thick and fast, it’s not surprising that it’s our most spectated game. Taking a seat in the big game means instant celebrity status, with all the observers’ attention turned towards you.

Join our Featured Table chat, where spectators can support and discuss the big game as a community. Follow the highs and lows of the action through the reactions and exclamations of those watching.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a stack and try your hand in the most famous table around, or get ready to spectate and watch the action unfold as our high stakes players battle it out for the lion’s share of chips and glory.