Table Features

At Tiltking Poker, we do things differently – we make things more exciting.

Straddle a hand by posting an extra blind to get the action going. Run out the board three times when you’re all-in to triple the thrill. Rabbit Hunt and peel back the final cards to see what could have been. Shout out the cards you need to take down the pot and put pressure on your opponents…

No matter where you’re sitting, you’ll enjoy extra thrills when our unique table features are in the mix.

Here’s a rundown of some our game-changing table features, all unique to Tiltking Poker.


Run It Three Times

Do you enjoy the thrill of going all-in? Well, we’ve tripled it.

Play the board out three times when you’re all-in – if both players agree, you can opt to Run It Three Times with cards left to come, creating three different outcomes and three different pots. Find out more


Raise the stakes by voluntarily posting a third blind. By straddling the pot with a blind raise before you’ve seen your hand, you’re getting the action off to a good start – straddles make for bigger pots, as there’s more to play for and more people involved. Find out more

Shout Out

Shout Out your outs! Shout Out the cards you need to win the hand and they will be displayed beside your avatar for the entire table to see, further adding to the thrills. Hit the cards you need and watch your opponent tilt as you take down the pot. ​Find out more

Rabbit Hunt

To Rabbit Hunt is to reveal what cards would have come if you’d decided to play out a hand.

Want to see if you would have hit your flush on the river? Use our Rabbit Hunt feature to expose what could have been.

Show Cards

Raise the excitement level by revealing your cards (and bluffs!) once the hand has ended. Choose what to show and what to conceal to control your table image and put your opponents on tilt.