VIP Rooms

Luxury is only a tab away.

Venture beyond the velvet rope into one of our exclusive VIP Rooms. VIP Rooms are exclusive private poker games where you set the rules, and where all the benefits of VIP areas in traditional casinos translate to the virtual felt.



Custom games tailored to your liking, whatever the stakes

Do you want to play a private game with just a select few? How about recreating that special home game with your own rules? VIP Rooms are whatever you wish for them to be, whether it’s a game of high-stakes No Limit Omaha or a private tournament between friends. No matter the game type or the stakes, your VIP table is only a few clicks away.



A Private VIP Room manager for a high-end experience

Each VIP room at Tiltking Poker is individually curated by a VIP Room manager, who will be on hand to take care of everything you want. Your VIP Room manager will configure your desired games and limits. Players can then be invited to watch or participate in private games at your request.

Unlike any other poker room, we provide our full standard game offering for you to play while you wait for your room to be configured.



Don’t settle for anything less

In our VIP Rooms, your security and privacy is assured. The VIP Room Manager will also act as your personal cashier for transactions, and all games within the room utilize special VIP chips which the manager can allocate as you wish.