Fortune Spin

Fortune Spin is the most exciting form of Sit & Go, and it’s available exclusively at Tiltking Poker.

Once three players have registered, the Fortune Wheel spins. You’re guaranteed to win a prize or have a shot at an increased prize pool, with three outcomes possible:

Fortune Wheel Percentages and Prizes

Prizes Probability
Fortune Cookie 50%
4x the Buy-in 42%
8x the Buy-in 8%


When the wheel stops on a prize of 4x or 8x the Buy-in, all three players take a seat in a winner-takes-all No Limit Hold’em Sit & Go.

For example, if three players have registered in a $5 Fortune Spin and the wheel stops on the 8x ($40) prize, the players will proceed to a No Limit Hold’em Sit & Go with a $40 prize awarded to the winner.

When the wheel stops on a Fortune Cookie, all three players will receive a Fortune Cookie and the game ends. Within each Fortune Cookie lies a Cookie Card. Collect any 10 Cookie Cards to gain entry into the next available Cookie Freeroll, with $30,000 to be won every month.


The Fortune Wheel spins when three players have registered

Play for 4x or 8x increased prize pools in a special Sit & Go

Cookie Cards

Each Cookie Card represents one of 10 countries, featuring various iconic figures in those countries’ history. There are 10 Cookie Cards to collect and once you’ve bagged the full set, you will receive an instant Cookie Bonus of up to $150 in cash. There’s also Special Avatars to be won by collecting five of the same Cookie Card. To find out more about Cookie Cards and the prizes on offer, check out our Cookie Cards page.

Claim Your Share of $30,000 Each Month

Win entry into the Cookie Freerolls running every Sunday at 12:00 (UTC) by collecting 10 Fortune Cookies, Once you have collected this amount or over, you will be automatically registered for the next Cookie Freeroll. For more information, visit the Cookie Freerolls page

Fortune Spin Sit & Go Structures

When the wheel stops at 4x or 8x, all three entrants play a winner-takes-all Sit & Go tournament. The structure of the Sit & Go varies depending on the buy-in level.

In Fortune Spin Sit & Gos, each player has a ‘shot clock’ that gradually reduces as you use the time to make your decisions. Similar to a time bank in a tournament, your shot clock begins with X seconds and is automatically used whenever you need some extra time to make a tough decision.

$1 Buy-in
Starting Chips 100
Level Blinds Hands
1 2/4 3
2 5/10 6
3 10/20 6
4 20/40 6
5 30/60 6
6 50/100 6
7 100/200
$5 Buy-in
Starting Chips 500
Level Blinds Hands
1 5/10 3
2 10/20 6
3 25/50 6
4 50/100 6
5 100/200 6
6 200/400 6
7 500/1,000
$15 Buy-in
Starting Chips 1500
Level Blinds Hands
1 15/30 6
2 30/60 6
3 75/150 6
4 150/300 6
5 300/600 6
6 500/1,000 6
7 1,000/2,000 6
8 1,500/3,000