Cookie Cards

Bag yourself Instant Cash Cookie Bonuses and Special Avatars by collecting Cookie Cards.

Cookie Cards are awarded as a potential prize when you play Fortune Spin games.

When the wheel stops on a Fortune Cookie, the game ends and all players win a Fortune Cookie. Contained within these is a random Cookie Card. Each card represents one of 10 countries, featuring various iconic figures from those countries’ history. There’s 10 to collect, and once you’ve bagged the full set, you’ll receive an instant Cookie Bonus in cash.

Upon completing the set, your collection resets and you will snag a free Cookie Card to help you on your way towards a fresh set and another Cookie Bonus.



Cookie Cards for each buy-in level of Fortune Spin are tracked separately. The bonus for each Buy-in level is as follows:

Buy-in Cookie Bonus
$1 $10
$5 $50
$15 $150

Special Avatars

The Cookie Card in each Fortune Cookie is random. When you receive a duplicate card that you already own, it will stack. By collecting five of the same Cookie Card, you unlock a special country avatar. If you’ve snagged one of these and want to change your avatar, the steps are as follows:

  1. Select Option in the Tiltking Poker app
  2. Select the Account tab
  3. Choose the Avatar tab


Keep track of your Cookie Card collection by visiting My Bonus in the Tiltking Poker app and selecting the Cookie Cards tab.



Cookie Freerolls – $30,000 worth of Freerolls every month

Win entry into the Cookie Freerolls running every Sunday at 12:00 (UTC) by collecting 10 Fortune Cookies. Once you have collected 10 Fortune Cookies, you will be automatically registered for the next Cookie Freeroll. For more information on Cookie Freerolls, visit the Cookie Freerolls page.

For more information on how Fortune Spin works or what happens when the wheel stops on the 4x or 8x outcomes, please see the Fortune Spin page.