Tournament Types

However you like your tournaments, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Tiltking Poker.

A filter panel, located in the bottom right-hand corner of the Tiltking Poker app, lets you choose which tournament types to display.

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Guaranteed Tournaments

Guaranteed Tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool, which is determined in advance – you’ll know what the minimum prize will be when you’re registering, and it’ll typically be displayed in the name of the tournament itself in the game listings. If the total amount of player buy-ins exceeds the guarantee, the prize pool becomes the total sum of buy-ins. It’s always the bigger number of the two!


In a freezeout tournament, players typically get an equal number of starting chips. There are no opportunities to rebuy or add on to your starting stack. When your stack is gone, you are knocked out of the tournament.

Progressive Bounty

In Progressive Bounty tournaments, you have a bounty on your head. When you knock a player out, their bounty is awarded to you. This has a cumulative effect, with bounties becoming substantial prizes in their own right towards the later stages of the tournament. The larger the bounty on a player is, the more incentive there is to knock them out!

Rebuy Tournaments

In Rebuy Tournaments, being knocked out is just a temporary inconvenience – if you’re knocked out during the rebuy period, simply rebuy to stay in the game. Once the allotted rebuy period expires, you have the option to buy a one-time add on as a final rebuy before the tournament changes into a standard freezeout format for the remainder of play.


Satellite tournaments are qualifying events to other, larger events. Don’t let a big buy-in stop you from playing – take a series of smaller steps towards any of our big tournaments in GGPoker’s range of satellites.

Private Tournaments

Private tournaments are privately hosted tournaments where you can register only by invitation from the host.

Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are free to enter and can be of any tournament type.