Fortune Spin Booster

Boost your fortunes and claim three free Fortune Spin tickets

Spin your way to free Fortune Spin tickets, no matter where the wheel stops. In addition to the thrill of spinning the wheel and finding your fortune, you get three free Fortune Spin tickets when you play at least 10 games at a single buy-in level during our Fortune Spin Booster week.

Spin to Win Your Way to Free Games

Running from Friday, February 17th, 2017 through Thursday, February 23rd, 2017, there’s no better time to check out our exciting Fortune Spin game.

Unique to Tiltking Poker, Fortune Spin is a fresh take on Sit & Gos, where you’re guaranteed a prize or a shot at an increased prize pool every time. With every spin, you’ll either win Cookie Cards to work towards an instant cash bonus or special avatars for a full set, or you’ll snag a seat in a winner-takes-all Sit & Go where the prize pool is multiplied by 4x or 8x.

We’re topping all that off in our Fortune Spin Booster week with three free Fortune Spin tickets for the highest stake in which you play 10 games – what are you waiting for?

How to Claim your Free Fortune Spin Tickets

All you have to do for your three free Fortune Spin tickets is chalk up 10 spins at any one stake level. There are three to choose from – $1, $5 & $15. You’ll get free tickets for the highest stake for which you’ve completed 10 spins, and cannot receive more than a single set of tickets.

For example, you open your Tiltking Poker account today and hit the Fortune Spin tables. You play 7 x $1, 15 x $5 and 2 x $15 games of Fortune Spin. The free tickets you’re awarded will be 3 x $5 stake level tickets, as that is the highest stake level for which you’ve played the requisite amount of games. To use another example, if you play 12 x $1 Fortune Spin games and 10 x $15 games, you will get 3 x $15 free tickets.

Fortune Spin Booster Rules

Check out the Fortune Spin Booster Rules page for the full lowdown on how the promotion works, and the Fortune Spin and Cookie Cards pages for more info on these exciting features.

For a full list of promotions available at Tiltking Poker, check out our Promotions page.