Rakeback FAQ

What is rake?

Rake is a fee that a poker room takes from each pot as profit. The amount of rake taken differs depending on the limit that you play and the size of the pot. Rake can also refer to the fee paid when registered for a tournament or Fortune Spin game.

How much rake do I generate?

The amount that a player pays individually is not visible from within the client. The formula for calculating rakeback is 35% of your net activity on Tiltking Poker.

What is rakeback?

Rake is a fee taken from each pot. The amount of rake taken differs depending on the limit and size of the pot. Tiltking Poker’s Rakeback promotion is a loyalty program where players can get 35% of their rake payments.

What do I need to do to get rakeback?

Rakeback is available for all players without needing to do anything. Players who registered an account prior to the launch of Tiltking Poker’s rakeback scheme can still avail of the service, and are automatically opted in.

Can’t I just open another account for rakeback?

In the interest of player security, players may not have more than one account on Tiltking Poker for any reason. You don’t need a new account, as Tiltking Poker’s rakeback is available to everyone, including all players who already have accounts on Tiltking Poker.

Do I still get bonuses if I sign up for rakeback?

Yes. However, bonuses will be deducted from your Rakeback payment. Rakeback is calculated as Net activity minus bonus payments and miscellaneous deductions. Players are not required to register for rakeback at Tiltking Poker. As soon as the Rakeback scheme is integrated, all players are eligible to receive weekly rakeback payments.

Is there a qualifying amount of hands a player must be playing per week/per month to qualify for a rakeback payment?

No. Every player at Tiltking Pokeris eligible to receive weekly rakeback payments, the amount of rakeback the player generates is directly influenced by the amount of games played but not with regard to hitting a ‘qualifying target figure’.

How is rakeback calculated?

Rakeback is calculated as 35% of the total amount of rake and fees generated by a player in a given week, where a week is the beginning of Monday through the end of Sunday. Your rakeback week runs from 00:01 UTC on Monday through 23:59 UTC the following Sunday.

Will I get rakeback from tournament fees?

Yes. Players will receive rakeback for all rake and fees generated by the player in a week in cash games, tournaments and unique games such as Fortune Spin and All-In or Fold.

Do I need to wait for your confirmation before I deposit and start to play?

Rakeback is universal to all registered players in our poker room. There’s no need to wait for confirmation before depositing and playing once our Rakeback scheme comes into effect (Thursday, 11th May).

Can I get rakeback on an existing account?

Yes. On many sites, only accounts registered after the introduction of a rakeback scheme or through a third party can avail of the offer. At Tiltking Poker, the rakeback payment is universal. All fees and rake generated by all players counts towards the total sum of rakeback.

How and when will I get paid?

Rakeback will be paid weekly, with the rakeback being calculated from your play during the preceding rakeback week. Your rakeback week runs from 00:01 UTC on Monday through 23:59 UTC the following Sunday. You receive your payment on Monday between 9am and noon UTC.

Must my account be fully registered for my play to count towards my rakeback fee?

On Tiltking Poker, there are several different stages of account verification. In order for your play to count towards your weekly rakeback payment, you must have completed the final stage of your account verification, where you are eligible to deposit and withdraw.

Will payments always arrive on the first of the week?

Rakeback will be paid out at the conclusion of the rakeback week, with a week being Monday through Sunday. Players will receive their rakeback payments on Monday between 9 AM and midday UTC. As with all promotions, Tiltking Poker reserves the right to amend all promotional terms and conditions at any time, at our sole discretion.

At what time do I receive my rakeback payment?

Players will receive their rakeback payments on Mondays between 9 AM UTC and noon UTC.

What time zone will rakeback be paid in?

All times pertaining to Tiltking Poker’s rakeback scheme are UTC.

Will I receive a message from the poker room telling me the amount of rakeback I have been paid?

Once your rakeback has been paid and added to the cash balance in your account, you’ll receive an email from Tiltking Pokerletting you know that your cash is in your account and how much you received.

Is there anywhere I can view a breakdown of my rakeback for the week/all time?

An additional tab where you view your rakeback payments and track your progress and status is currently in development.